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Tint Center - Revolutionizing the Nail Salon Experience

Published October 18, 2023

George Samuel

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The Mahjoz team is thrilled to unveil the latest additions and updates to our platform, designed to enhance your online business experience. As we continue to evolve and refine our services, these new features are aimed at making your journey with Mahjoz even more efficient, engaging, and profitable.


Tint Center, a nail salon based in Saudi Arabia, sought to elevate its online presence and customer experience. With a strong commitment to quality and creativity, they were eager to find a solution that aligned with their vision for excellence in nail art and care.


Limited Online Visibility: Tint Center was facing challenges in reaching potential customers online, impacting their growth potential. Booking Management: The salon struggled with manual appointment scheduling and needed a more efficient system. Showcasing Expertise: Tint Center needed a platform that would enable them to showcase their artistic nail designs and draw customers interested in creative nail art.

How Mahjoz Helped:

Tint Center adopted Mahjoz to address their challenges. The platform provided the following solutions:
Customizable Website: Mahjoz’s user-friendly website builder allowed Tint Center to create a stunning online presence that perfectly reflected their style and brand. Online Booking System: With Mahjoz’s booking system, customers could easily schedule appointments, and Tint Center could manage their bookings seamlessly. E-Commerce Features: Tint Center used Mahjoz to showcase and sell nail art products, further enhancing their revenue streams. Mobile Optimization: Mahjoz ensured that Tint Center’s website was mobile-responsive, catering to customers on the go.


Tint Center saw a significant increase in online visibility and reached a broader customer base. The streamlined booking system reduced manual work, making appointment management more efficient. The addition of e-commerce features resulted in increased sales, as customers could purchase nail art products directly from the website. The mobile optimization made Tint Center’s services easily accessible to mobile users, enhancing the customer experience.
Mahjoz has transformed my passion for cosmetics into a thriving online store. From makeup tutorials to skincare product reviews, my blog has become a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts.

Sarah Al Jamal

Beauty Boutique


Tint Center’s partnership with Mahjoz has resulted in a flourishing online presence, efficient booking management, and increased sales. The case of Tint Center demonstrates the platform’s capacity to transform businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. With a strong commitment to quality and creativity, they’ve found a powerful ally in Mahjoz.

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