Terms and Conditions

This agreement provides a software service for managing reservations and customer appointments, a reserved system, and not a sale of the program. By agreeing to the terms, this means your commitment to the terms and conditions contained therein, in addition to any future amendments to this agreement, which are determined from time to time, and the subscriber will be notified of that on time.

Explanation of some words contained in the agreement:

Service Provider: means Reserved Company.

Subscriber: means the person/establishment/company that wants to benefit from the provided service.

Package: It represents one of the copies of the service, and each package contains its price and features.

Service: It is a service for managing reservations and customer appointments through the cloud-based reservation system.

Website: The website of the institution/company/person hosted on the World Wide Web.

Program: It means a program reserved for managing reservations and customer appointments.

1- Subscription and renewal:

To subscribe to any package of the reserved system packages for managing reservations and customer appointments, the subscriber requests to subscribe after registering in the program and then pays the electronic bill, and accordingly, the system is activated, and if the package period expires, he can renew and choose any of the available packages and transfer the amount To complete the activation process for the subscriber after the conversion as well.

2- Duration of the subscription:

The subscription period starts from the date of activating the paid package until one calendar year from its date, unless the subscriber violates the terms of this agreement for annual packages or a calendar month for monthly packages.

3- Change package and upgrade:

If the subscriber wishes to change the package, if it is after the end of the subscription period, he will pay the fees for the new package that he chose. If it is before the end of the subscription period and the upgrade request, he will pay the difference for the new package for the remaining period of his subscription.

4- Retrieval:

The subscriber has the right to recover the amount paid within (30) days of activating the package for new subscriptions. However, this item does not apply to the subscription renewal, and he is not entitled to claim any amounts from the service provider if the period exceeds that.

5- Technical support:

The service provider provides technical support to the subscriber through the available means of communication and during working hours without any costs to the subscriber. The support includes:

Addressing any errors or problems appearing to the subscriber while using the program.

Upgrading the program and raising updates to improve the level of the program and add features to it.

Answering questions and inquiries.


In the event that the service provider wants to perform the necessary maintenance for the program from time to time to add developments and improvements to the service provided, then the maintenance process may be accompanied by a temporary suspension of the service.

1- Data of subscribers to paid packages:

The service provider is obligated to save and provide the subscriber’s data for the duration of his subscription to the program, and if he wishes to stop using the program for any reason, the service provider will allow him to access the program for a period of (15) days with all the features of the selected package so that the subscriber can access and export the data. The service provider will erase the subscriber’s data, and does not provide any guarantees to recover the subscriber’s data after that.

2- Data of subscribers to the free package:

The service provider is obligated to save and provide the data of the subscribers in the free package after the end of the free package period for a period of (7) days. Suppose the subscriber does not want to upgrade the free package during the mentioned period. In that case, the service provider will erase the data and does not provide any guarantees to recover the subscriber’s data after that, and if he wants to Upgrade to paid packages during this period will have the option before upgrading to delete the data of the free version, or keep the data and upgrade the package.

8- Security precautions:

The subscriber is obligated not to harm the service provider’s website and the services provided, including sending illegal requests to try to disable and occupy it. Suppose it is proven that any user has tampered with the service provided. In that case, the service provider has the right to stop his subscription if he is a subscriber without prior notice, in addition to prosecuting the person who caused damage to the site legally. He will bear all costs And the expenses incurred in the case, including attorney’s fees. Therefore, the service provider calls on the subscribers to preserve their confidential data for logging in to their account for the program to prevent the access of those who tamper with their name because this also makes them subject to legal prosecution. The service provider is not responsible for the subscribers not taking the necessary precautions to preserve their private data.

8- Termination of Subscription:

If the subscriber wishes to terminate the subscription, if that was before the end of the package period, then what was mentioned in the fourth item (refund) will be applied to him. But suppose that happens after the end of the package period. In that case, his non-payment of the package fees is considered a termination of the subscription, and with regard to the data, refer to the seventh item (subscribers’ data).

9- Privacy:

The service provider is keen and committed to respecting the privacy of the subscribers in the program packages and to, maintaining the confidentiality of all the data that they entered, and not accessing their private accounts except after the subscriber requests the service provider to do so after providing him with the entry data for any purpose that the subscriber needs and requires the entry of the service provider.

As for the data that the service provider will use in the statistics (such as the number of participating institutions and companies or measuring the interests of the participants in the program), which does not disclose any information or data of privacy, the service provider has the right to use it to measure and develop the program’s performance.

10- Stopping the service provider:

If the service provider stops working:

1- With the acquisition of the service provider by another company, then the management will be transferred to the acquiring company, and the program and the subscriptions in it will be considered its property, and it may continue this agreement or change what it sees fit.

In this case, the service provider is obligated to inform the subscriber before the transfer of ownership, and in the event that the subscriber’s package period does not expire at the time, the service provider will oblige the acquiring company to abide by the agreement until the package period expires.