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Web Builder

Be Seen, Be Found

Create and customize your own stunning website. Showcase your services, working hours, prices, skilled staff, and customer reviews, all in one place. Attract more clients and establish your online presence effortlessly.


Logo Maker

Branding Made Easy

Empower users to create their own logos, especially beneficial for small businesses or those without an existing brand. This feature simplifies the process of establishing a brand identity, making it more accessible and cost-effective.


Registration flow

User Accounts

Enable your clients to register on your website, allowing them to create user accounts. This feature not only allows for easy login but also enables you to follow up with them and their schedules. You can use their data to personalize their experience and market your services more effectively.

برنامج حجز مواعيد

Booking system

Seamless Scheduling

Stay organized with our intuitive appointment and booking system. Easily track your employees’ bookings, availability, and service details. Modify, cancel, or add notes to appointments, ensuring smooth operations



Client-Centric Communication

Centralize your customer data for efficient communication. Respond faster and professionally through a dedicated customer page. Strengthen your connections with people, fulfill their needs, and market your services via email, WhatsApp, and mobile messaging.


Sales Reports

Comprehensive Business Insights

Gain valuable insights into your business’s health. Access detailed reports on daily and monthly sales, appointment and booking trends, customer demographics, employee performance, and more. Stay informed, make informed choices


Market Like a Pro

Marketing Tools

Supercharge your marketing efforts with integrated tools. Run email campaigns, promotions, and targeted messaging to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Maximize your outreach and watch your business thrive


Payment Peace of Mind

Trustworthy Transactions

Ensure safe and hassle-free payments for your services. Our secure payment gateway guarantees your clients’ peace of mind. Accept payments online and in-person with confidence.